Book Drops

Go Fund Me Donations help fund book drops to all the Little Free Libraries throughout St. Petersburg.

We support all Little Free Libraries with our book drops, not only the libraries we have installed.

See more photos and more book drops on our Facebook page.

Over 90 Dr. Seuss books were spread throughout 27 Little Free Libraries between August 8th and August 9th. It was so popular that we have done it multiple times since. (August 2020)

We have done multiple book drops with titles aimed specifically at young adults. We usually end up at about 200 books spread throughout over 70 libraries. (September 2020)

24 copies of "I Have the Right To" and 48 copies of "The Pink Hat" went out on September 13th, the anniversary of Bill Clinton signing the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. (September 2020)

Our entire Shush was saddened by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was a legal, cultural, and feminist icon. While we may not all share her opinions, we all appreciate her accomplishments and admire how she paved the way for women everywhere to do more and be more. (October 2020)

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