St. Pete Shush

Established July 3, 2020

Executive Summary: We produce and distribute Little Free Libraries throughout Pinellas County, connecting them to local curators. We administer and support the resulting community of librarians, collectively known as a shush.

Vision Statement: Every person should have equal access to quality literature and educational materials. Every person should have the opportunity to feel joy in sharing literature with others.

Mission Statement: We are creating a network of dedicated librarians who curate Little Free Libraries (LFLs) all around the city. These libraries are filled with a high quality and diverse selection of books that are available to all people for free, regardless of background or status.

Accomplishments to Date:

  • 251 librarians in network

  • Expanding into areas considered “literary deserts”

  • 204 newsstands in 180 locations, including schools and public buildings

  • 1 highly visible and extremely popular phone booth full of books

  • Thousands of high quality books brought to readers throughout the city via the LFLs

  • Dedicated book drops with over 6,000 brand new books

  • Strong social media and internet presence

2020 In Numbers