Thank you to our fabulous partners for helping us spread the love of literature throughout St. Petersburg

Our stewards are making this happen. Many check on their libraries every single day, straightening it up and adding some new books.

The best way to support them is to visit their libraries, which you can find on the map.

All stewards are welcome to join our Facebook group.

Thank you to the Tampa Bay Times for donating old tbt* boxes to our project. This project has been an amazing source of comfort for so many throughout the city during these trying times.

The Little Free Library Network has been a wonderful partner. We ask our new librarians to purchase a charter before they get a box, and LFL is always prompt in mailing them directly to the new stewards and getting our new locations quickly onto the map. They also gave us additional charters through their Impact program.

Unopened cartons of brand new books are regularly purchased from First Book Marketplace. The books are shared by publishers, and we are only required to pay the cost of shipping and handling. We spread them throughout the libraries. Thank you, First Book!