Built Boxes

In an effort to continue spreading books, we are working directly with a contractor who can build and install the boxes for us. We look forward to our first installation, coming soon!

This is a 3D model provided by our contractor. While not identical, it will ultimately be similar to this.

Families on Drop-off Day for Upcycled Newsstands

Our current count is 236 upcycled libraries in 207 locations throughout St. Petersburg

Community Spaces and Schools

Snell Isle Blvd NE is now home to three newsstands featuring books, digital media, and puzzles. I continue to regularly maintain them.

We have given a single box and tri-box setup to multiple schools throughout St. Petersburg. I prep, paint, and bring along books for the installation.

In addition to the stands, Academy Prep received 100+ diverse books and a donated charter, gifted thanks to donors from our GoFundMe.